19th century Pugs, 1. Paintings

The practice to crop the ears of the Pug continued during the 19th century but became more uncommon over time.

“A favourite Pug”, 1802
Henry Bernard Chalon (1770-1849)
Trade card with two Pugs from the 19th century.
Pug, 1850
J. A. Howe
Pug, 1850-1870
Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1908)

Is one of the puppies below brindle, or is it stone gray/silver?

A litter of Pugs
Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)

Also below one of the puppies is either brindle or stone gray/silver.

A litter of Pugs
Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)

In the litter below we see two stone gray or brindle puppies.

Pug and puppies
Illustration in The Feathers and Fur Picture Book, c 1890.

According to one source on the internet the painting below is called “Brindle Pug”, which would then refer to one of the puppies. Since that page is about the color brindle in the Pug the name of the painting could be an invention of the author of that page. (Il mistero del carlino tigrato.) Any information about this or other paintings here are welcome.

“Brindle Pug”, 1800
A miniature oil on panel of Pugs
Horatio Henry Couldery (1832 – 1893)
“Pierette and Mifs”
Charles van den Eycken (1859-1923)
Bradford Ruby on the front of American Kennel Register, 1885
“Queen Victoria’s pets”, 1885
“A Pug”, 1890
Horatio Henry Couldery (1832-1893)
“Willpower”, 1891
Charles van den Eycken (1859-1923)
“The Swarland Pugs”, 1898
Wilson Hepple (1854-1937)

19th century Pugs, 2. Photos