19th century Pugs, 2. Photos

Topsey and Minnie, Queen Victoria’s Pugs, 1877
Ish, Pug born 1869
Ronsor, b. 1884

The following Pug is seen on the front of the business card of the photographer E. T. Bowdle, located in Lima, Ohio.

Snoozer, the Pug, probably 1880s.
Miss B. Allan’s dog, Quebec, 1886
Dude, b. 1887
Mayor of Leeds, b. 1887
Haughty Madge, b. 1891
Haughty Madge, b. 1891
Prize winning Pugs at a yearly exhibition, Australia, 1895
“What is a home without a mother”, 1889

The Duke of York below seems to have owned a white Pug, or perhaps it is a very old and grey one.

Duke of York, later King George V. (1865-1936)
with his Pug, c. 1895
Darius of Swarland, b. 1896
Nancy of Swarland, b. 1896
Prince Jumbo, b. 1896
Taurus of Swarland, b. 1896
Laws Loris, b. 1896
Trilby of Swarland, b. 1896

Early 20th century Pugs, 1. Paintings