About us

Therese Rodin

I am a Swedish woman with passion for knowledge in several fields and one great passion is the Pug breed. I have a PhD degree in the field of History of Religions where I have specialized in ancient Sumerian and Akkadian mythology.

In my leisure time, I like to spend time with our dogs and my husband and study everything about dogs, breeding and genetics. I have always loved animals and have owned different species, such as Guinea Pigs, Budgies, Aquarium fish and dogs. As a child, I also spent a lot of time in the stable and took lessons in horse-riding. For me, animals are love and happiness and a large part of my interest in politics and the society is to contribute to animal welfare.

My husband and I presently have two Pugs, the Standard Pug Mimmi and the
“altdeutscher Mops” (“Old German Pug”) Leni. Our cuties inspire us every day to learn more about dogs and Pugs. We are very happy to be blessed with these two wonderful dogs.

You can see the courses I have taken in different fields that deal with dogs here.

Mats Rundkvist

I am Swedish man living in Falun, Sweden. I am interested in photography and IT, which will be seen here on the website. After several decades as Physical Therapist in Social Elderly Care I nowadays work as a self-employed consultant within the field of eHealth. My interest for dogs is mainly connected to our two Pugs in the family but my occupational background also feed an interest for Pug health and especially free breathing, freedom of movement and exercise endurance.

Besides my interest around our dogs I spend as much time as possible with my four grand children and I enjoy making excursions in the nature around where we live, often with our Camper van.