The International Retro Pug Club
An international club that works with Pug health, based on both research and experience. The club has high demands on the breeding dogs to be able to contribute to a healthy Retro Pug with anatomically functional Pugs with free airways. The club currently has three member states; Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The club welcomes everyone who wants to participate in the work for a healthy Retro Pug!

Institute of Canine Biology
Directed by Carol Beuchat Ph.D., vertebrate biologist with a vast knowledge in genetics. I warmly recommend all her courses.

eMotion Mops e.V.
A German Retro Pug breeding club that take science as the foremost point of departure. They do extensive tests on their intended breeding dogs to select the very best for breeding. This club is for every person who wants to participate in this work.

An education company directed by two dedicated dog lovers. They have vast experience of everything from wolves to village dogs and ordinary pedigree pups. Nowadays they breed Canaan dogs. I recommend their courses to anyone who knows Swedish and loves dogs and wants to understand the dog and its needs.

Professor Oechterings lecture about BOAS at the Swedish Kennel Club’s conference in 2016 about brachycephalic dogs. A must see for every breeder and Pug lover.