Our Pugs

Elena vom Möhnetal, Leni
b. 21. September 2017

Leni is a very intelligent girl who learns easily and who has both temperament and sensitivity. She loves to discover her surroundings with nose, paws and gaze. She sees all the changes that happen here at home and wants to smell and taste everything new. Leni is a really cuddly girl and gives a lot of love and affection to her family. She is also a very beautiful pug lady, with a wonderful anatomy and has top results in her health tests. We are very proud of our Leni.

You can see more pictures of Leni on her Facebook page Elena vom Möhnetal, Princess Leni.

Leni was health tested at the Tierklinik Hofheim, Germany. The BOAS-test was led by an ear, nose and throat specialist and the X-ray and CT-scan were done and read by a board-certified specialist. The genetic tests were done by Laboklin. We are very happy with Leni’s results.

Because of corona we had to postphone our breeding plans with Leni. We plan to breed Leni to a Retro Pug in spring 2021.

You can see more precise updates about Leni’s planned puppies as well as other planned Retro litters on the webpage of The International Retro Pug Club.

Fomielens Violetta Nordelin, Mimmi
15. June 2010 – 10. February 2022

Mimmi is a wonderful girl who is only a companion dog. It is difficult to describe Mimmi, because she is really “one of a kind”. She can be called a “grumbler”, she does what she wants and does nothing to please others. At the same time, she is extremely charming and sweet, and despite her barking and moody attitude, everyone falls for her. When we are out for a walk, Mimmi knows where she wants to go, and if she is allowed to decide, she will gladly do it. If she can’t decide, she often puts herself against our choice. For her to be willing to go for a walk, we usually train parkour and tricks with her. She thinks it is fun when something happens and a great quest in life for her is to get treats. When we are indoors, she wants to sit on the lap and she loves to cuddle.

Mimmi came to us in 2013, when she was just over two and a half years old, and only a little more than six months later she fell ill in PDE/NME. If you want to know more about her journey as a survivor of PDE you can read here.

Mimmi left us on 10. February 2022. It was painful for us to let her go but it was time. We will never forget her. <3

Sockergårdens Napoleon, Nappe
4. November 2006 – 26. April 2017

Nappe came to us in 2013 and was then six years old. We only intended to buy Mimmi, but the family that had her also looked for a new home for Nappe. I fell right away for Nappe who walked up to me, cuddled, and showed me his sweetest side. I thought he was extra in love with me (which he actually was), but later I saw that he often tried to charm people that way. He was a mother’s darling and always wanted to be close to me. At the same time, the whole family was important, and he and Mimmi often moved synchronously. He often became very angry when one of us went out. He used to bark when dad went away and we others were left at home. Nappe loved lying in the sun and when I tried to set up a sun protection for him, he immediately moved to the sun again. Walking during hot summer days was hard for him, while cold and winter worked very well. Nappe left us in April 2017. He passed away on mom’s lap, which was the best place for him.