Retro Pugs – F2-F4

This page contains photos of Retro Pugs. We call a Pug with a donor share a Retro Pug from the F2-generation, i.e. from a cross that is genetically (statistically) 75% Pug and 25% donor breed, and all the way down to the F4-generation, i.e. when the proportion of Pug genetically (statistically) is 93.75% and the proportion of donor 6.25%. (Roughly speaking, we count Pugs with a share from the donor that is between 75 and 5 percent as Retro Pugs.) A few photos represent a more or less purebred so-called Old German Pug, but which has an anatomy that is as functional as a Retro Pug.

The photos on this page come partly from the breeders I recommend under ”Recommended breeders” and partly from private owners of retro pugs. I am very grateful that I have permission to use these photos on the website to illustrate the healthy pugs we strive for. Photos may not be used without the permission of the photographers.

If you have a Retro Pug or a sporty Old German Pug (maybe with a certain percentage of another breed, or not) and think that your Pug fits on this website, please contact us and let’s see if we can start a collaboration. 🙂