Vintage gallery

Here we will collect paintings and pictures of Pugs from the 16th century and up till early 20th century as well as paintings and pictures of the Chinese Happa/Lo-sze/Pug dog, which is a predecessor of the European Pug.

Click on the links below to see the pictures from each century. Enjoy!

16th century Pugs

17th century Pugs

18th century Pugs

19th century Pugs, 1. Paintings

19th century Pugs, 2. Photos

Early 20th century Pugs, 1. Paintings

Early 20th century Pugs, 2. Photos

Happa/Lo-sze/Chinese Pugs – the Chinese origin

Here you see a “summary” of the Pugs you will see under each century plus a column with modern Pugs: